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The classic sitcom that spawned endless imitators with its sexy singles-based humor, THREE’S COMPANY made a big mark on the comedy sitcom genre. Revolving around endless misunderstandings about sexuality and drugs, and playing off quite a few stereotypes, the show displayed John Ritter’s knack for physical comedy, delivering laughs through the comedian’s outlandish expressions, gestures, and mannerisms. When aspiring chef Jack Tripper (John Ritter) tells his landlord, Mr. Roper (Norman Fell), that he is gay in order to peacefully cohabit with a string of attractive female roommates, he must construct a web of lies (which proves almost impossible to unravel) in order to cover his tracks. The first season not to feature Suzanne Somers, season six revolves around regulars Jack, Janet (Joyce DeWitt), Cindy Snow (Jenilee Harrison), and new arrival Terri Alden (Priscilla Barnes). As Cindy is sent off to veterinary school, Terri takes her place as roommate to Jack and Janet. Terri’s role on the series would continue for the remaining three years. THREE’S COMPANY: SEASON SIX contains all 28 episodes from the season.


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