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Season 3 of THREE’S COMPANY is now available on DVD.

THREE’S COMPANY delighted audiences and defied critics as it tripped, tittered and jiggled its way to record ratings and pop culture paradise in its third season in fall 1978 to spring 1979. A then- controversial media sensation, this breakthrough bedroom farce brought the sexual revolution to primetime and made provocative dialogue, mixed-singles, misunderstandings and slapstick schtick a recipe for funny. More than twenty-five years later, this ’70s-style comedy of errors remains a timeless TV classic. Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning John Ritter stars as the agile and affable Jack Tripper, roommate and friend to earthy brunette Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and spacey blonde Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). In season three, the roomies’ battle of the sexes reaches disco fever pitch as Jack double dates two gals, Janet bares her soul (and then some) for a nude beach demonstration, and Chrissy falls under the spell of a hairy-chested svengali in guru clothing. Downstairs, landlord Stanley Roper (Golden Globe- winning Norman Fell) remains suspicious of Jack’s claim to be gay to live with two girls, while Stanley’s affection-starved wife, Helen (Audra Lindley), can only dream of hanky panky. And upstairs, party- streaking ladies man Larry Dallas (Richard Kline) lures Jack into all kinds of hijinx and hysteria at The Regal Beagle and beyond. THREE’S COMPANY – SEASON THREE features all 22 original episodes of this sitcom’s classic third season – as well as the never-before-seen second pilot shot before Suzanne Somers was cast.This DVD also includes never-aired bloopers, behind-the-scenes audio commentary, and very special interviews hosted by Joyce DeWitt and featuring Richard Kline and director Dave Powers. Co-stars Don Knotts, Jenilee Harrison, Ann Wedgeworth and others also fondly remember the late John Ritter.




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